About us

Eco-design brand

SoldiDesign is a contemporary, family-run, eco-design brand known internationally for creating elegant sustainable products dedicated to separate waste collection.


The choice of the colour green characterises the company’s brand identity

Eco Design


As a brand, SoldiDesign specialises in designing captivating solutions that are functional and green eco-design objects for separate, intuitive collection. Thanks to the creativity of the brand and its modern, harmonious lines, each object is elevated to become an integral part of the furniture, whilst simultaneously helping to respect the environment and improve the nature of our planet.

Recycled materials

production chain in Italy

The entire production chain is in Italy. It is implemented with sustainable production processes, from raw materials to the use of alternative energies, adopting the company’s key philosophy of preserving the ecosystem. The use of recycled and recyclable materials, such as plastic, involves the retrieval of potential polluting materials and transforming them into brand new design objects.

About the idea


To respect the environment means accurately identifying the rejected materials that we produce every day. Founder Gianluca Soldi is an architect and interior designer, who has always been sensitive to people and the environment. He has designed and created ‘Ovetto’, a recycling bin with elegant, harmonious aesthetics and practical functionality, to ensure the correct disposal of rejected waste materials. Innovative recycling bin ‘Ovetto’ was born in the spring of 2008. It connects design with functionality plus respect for the environment. In March 2009 the commercial arm of the business developed in Italy, as well as in France, Spain and London. As a result, ‘Ovetto’ has pioneered the market for unique, innovative and environmentally friendly designer items in this niche sector.

The Ovetto project

Birth of a new world

Using waste materials to create a recycling bin with recycled materials, the ‘Ovetto’ project clearly communicates that the maintenance of the environment is possible. The endgame transforms into the primary objective for the birth of a whole new world. ‘Ovetto’ was created with ABS and Polypropylene; it is recycled post-consumption in varying percentages, from a 40-70 minimum% (Ovetto in white and shiny black) to a maximum of 100% (Ovetto in opaque black). Even in logistics, our firm is totally committed to conforming to environmental concerns. ‘Ovetto’ is currently assembled in Lombardy and Tuscany; an assembly point will also soon be present in Southern Italy to reduce the environmental impact related to excess transportation. In addition, we have chosen 100% recyclable cardboard for packaging and excluded the use of Polistirolo. Bin bags can be provided in pioneering ‘Mater-Bi’ biodegradable and compostable bioplastic on request.