Ovetto, the first dedicated designer container for recycling

‘Ovetto’ gives a whole new definition to containers for separate waste collection. It also answers the growing desire for an eco-sustainable and elegant alternative option. Contemporary taste, up-to-date style, sophisticated lines and refined visual impact combine to bring the first designer waste bin into the spotlight. What’s more, this is the first waste bin to be proudly displayed, rather than discreetly concealed.
‘Ovetto’ was born in 2008 from an idea by interior architect and designer Gianluca Soldi, who has always been very sensitive to the relationship between people and their environment. The ‘Ovetto’ project has attributed a high level of design to a normally hidden piece of furniture by enhancing and reinventing it to become an integral part of the space in which it lives.

Ovetto Lacoque
The first designer dustbin, the original Ovetto model The elegant simplicity of the Ovetto Lacoque collection...
Ovetto ABS
Ovetto ABS brings a splash of color and design to the landscape of recycling containers. Each person produces an...
Ovetto Galà
The fairy tale of the recycling container that goes designer Imagine a fairytale setting. The perfect party. The...
Ovetto Metal
Discover the elegance of metal finishes and define the new look of your environment with Ovetto Metal. The...

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‘Ovetto’ is not just a container for waste collection. It is also capable of interacting with different material surfaces and styles, from the brick wall of industrial style to minimalist or even country chic interior design with the predominance of warm materials, such as wood. Its contemporary forms respond perfectly to the many facets of domestic landscapes, from rigorous lines to metallic and brushed finishes.

The waste bin revolution begins here; this is the first designer waste bin designed to facilitate the correct disposal of waste, making it simple, practical, intuitive and fun. ‘Ovetto’ also eliminates clutter by offering an easily washable rotating structure. It opens with just a light touch, lending itself to educating children on how to distinguish between items of rubbish by placing in the appropriate compartment.

Thanks to ‘Ovetto’ the endgame becomes the primary resource for the birth of a new world. ‘Ovetto’ is made from post-consumer recycled ABS and Polypropylene in percentages ranging from a minimum of 40-70% (coloured, white and glossy black Ovetto) to a maximum of 100% (matt black Ovetto).