Buc is the stylish, designer and space-saving laundry rack

Dirty laundry, laundry strewn around the house and a feeling of clutter are three problems that BUC will solve in an instant. BUC is the designer laundry basket that will improve your daily life with elegance and a unique touch of style.

Wicker laundry baskets are uncomfortable, heavy and often at risk of breaking, as is the classic cloth or plastic laundry basket, which in addition to being impractical is sometimes unhygienic. BUC also surpasses the ideas of a laundry basket with a cabinet and stylishly designs your laundry area or enhances your bathroom with a modern, minimalist design. At least ten T-shirts, three pairs of trousers and twenty pieces of underwear can fit inside (its capacity is 60 litres).

The recycled plastic from which it is made translates into a ten-year life span, resistance and lightness: you can easily carry it around the rooms of the house with you, picking up any laundry left lying around.

Inside is a precious removable cotton bag, made in Italy (like all BUC) with the best fibres, to guarantee resistance and initial elasticity even after many washes.

Improve your life now, give better organisation to the spaces in your home and make it brighter and more comfortable from now on. Treat yourself to your BUC now!

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